How to cultivate children's interest in learning piano

Children's attention is difficult to concentrate for a long time, how to cultivate children's interest in learning piano, has become a headache for many parents. The following parents with personal experience to tell everyone how to cultivate children to learn the piano interest, hoping to give the piano friends certain inspiration.

How to cultivate children's interest in learning the piano, I hope you are no longer confused.

Daughter is 5 years old, in order to cultivate her many hobbies, I bought her a piano, specifically asked the teacher to teach her. At first, she was in high spirits and sat at the piano in a decent way, but as soon as she got fresh, she became impatient. Practice the piano when deliberately trouble, a moment said the fingers are not energyless, a moment said sleepy can not open their eyes.

I am very anxious in my heart, said to her the big truth, said i was poor when I was a child, can not afford to buy a piano, now she is more happy, I envy her such words, but the effect is not obvious. When playing the piano to half, she seemed to understand things like: "Mom, when you were poor in the family, can not afford to buy the piano, you envy me." Why is your family poor? Why can't you afford a piano? Can you tell me something? A picture of innocence. I'm upset about where I'm free to chat with her.

So, then loudly scolded her: "fast practice the piano, less say do not use! If you do not practice again, I will give the piano to others!" The daughter is not weak at all: "send on the send, anyway, I do not want to play." "My heart suddenly cooled: "ChenChen, is you said very much want to learn the piano, I bought you, you think this is a small toy, say buy, say don't do not?" The daughter does not talk, wearing slippers, ignore you, go to their own game room to play.

I calmed down and thought carefully about whether the way I did things was a little more extreme. I can't impose my preferences on my children. In addition, many truths you tell her is useless, she will not understand your pain, nagging can only increase her boredom with the piano. So I began to change the way I educated.

My daughter has a lot of imagination, like fairy tales, for this feature, I combine it with learning the piano. The daughter is currently learning the second book of Xiaotang, which has "Walk through the woods" a song, I did not deliberately let her to learn the piano, but with her, and the family's plush toys to open a concert, and told her that the puppies, the cubs in the woods in trouble, the woods there are cannibal trees, puppies, cubs are very afraid, need someone to help them. My daughter asked me worriedly, "What should I do?" I said, "If you play "Through the Woods" once, they will find the exit of the woods and not be eaten by the cannibal trees." "

My daughter sat down at the piano, practiced it carefully, and asked me, "Did the little animals go through the woods?" I said: "Not yet, just walked half a child, you play the sound is wrong, the notes will become elves, there is no way to save the animals." "The daughter played it several times carefully. In this way, when i played to the 10th time, I was afraid she was bored, and finally said: "The little animals out of the woods, they say thank you." "My daughter was so happy that she said to me, "Mom, you tell them not to be afraid, I'll help them." "In this way, unknowingly, the daughter both played the fairy tale game, but also practiced the song, two things in one go. In the next class, the teacher was very surprised by her daughter's progress, rewarded her with a small red flower, encouraging her to continue her efforts.

In future repertoires, I've been crafted as if it were the case. For example, there is a song called "Ten Little Indians", on top of the score painted Indian children, dressed in tribal clothing, holding spears, running action. I first told my daughter a brief story about the history and story of the Indians, aroused her curiosity, and then told her that the Little Indians had met people from other tribes who were trying to escape and needed someone to help them and make them run faster.

Daughter shouldered this "historical responsibility", began to practice the piano seriously, some of the sound is wrong, do not need to say, she will take the initiative to ask to play again, because as long as there is the wrong place, it means that the little Indians although escaped, but he must be injured, either arm or calf. The daughter didn't want the little Indians to be caught or hurt by the bad guys, so she worked very hard to play the piano. In this way, in playing middle school, playing in school, and achieved good results.

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