How to choose the entry-level electronic piano?

As a senior piano expert, many netizens often ask about the dispute between electronic piano and mechanical piano. Aiming at some common hot issues, I also want to elaborate my own views here:

1. Whose timbre is better and who is more expressive?

First of all, what kind of electronic piano and mechanical piano are discussed.

Compared with the effect of recording, the electronic piano sound is clear without noise, and it has the feeling of grand piano in the studio. The high-end electronic piano above ten thousand yuan level is better than the mechanical piano above ten thousand yuan level.

In terms of the on-site effect, the sound produced by the electronic piano can only have the effect of CD being released from the sound, and can't have the boldness and realism of the mechanical piano. Especially the grand triangle is better than any electronic piano.

2. Which one is better for electronic piano or mechanical piano?

To discuss this problem, we should first find out what is a good feeling. Some people think that the key of electronic piano is light and soft, and the key is heavy and hard. In fact, I think this is a very big mistake.

What is a piano used for? Of course, it is used to play wonderful music. It is a tool for generating music, not for punishing your own hands. I think as long as I can play a piece of music well, it is a good piano. If we compare the key weight, the weight of each mechanical piano keyboard is also different, and now many high-end electronic pianos' key weight even exceeds some mechanical pianos, which shows that it is meaningless to discuss the key weight itself.

Of course, there is a problem I still want to say. If we divide the sound power level of a key that can pop up from light to heavy into 10 levels, the mechanical piano can reach 10 levels, and the electronic piano can only reach 6-8 levels. This also causes the electronic piano in the musical performance of cadence is not as good as a factor of mechanical piano.

3. Is it suitable for beginners to practice electronic piano instead of mechanical piano?

For this problem, I will say to choose the electronic piano. The reason is very simple. When learning the piano, you must feel the music, listen to the sound of the strings, the feeling of vibration after pressing the key, and understand the sound principle of the real piano. After all, electronic keyboards are cheap.

Many beginners are worried about this problem because of the strength of the piano keys. Some supporters of mechanical piano believe that electronic piano keyboards are relatively light. This feeling mostly comes from the feeling of some common low-end electronic piano keyboards and neglects the high-end electronic piano. They think that playing more will directly lead to the inability to play mechanical piano and the inability to play mechanical piano well. However, I don't think it has much to do with whether the electronic piano can replace the mechanical piano practice. If the middle and high-end electronic piano is started at the beginning, this problem is just an adaptation problem. Even if you are used to playing one of the two different mechanical pianos, it will take a process of adaptation to change to the other immediately.

It is undeniable that the keyboard of the low-end electronic piano is indeed soft. If the low-end electronic piano is played for a long time, it may take a longer time to adapt to the touch of the mechanical piano. But I'm sure that even a low-end electronic piano keyboard can't be adapted to a mechanical piano. I haven't seen anyone who can play all kinds of grand music on the electronic piano. When they get on the mechanical piano, they won't be able to play any more. We have to sigh that adaptability is one of the best survival weapons for human beings.

4. What kind of person is suitable for choosing electronic piano or mechanical piano?

This problem is much simpler. If you are a professional performer, you must be a mechanical piano. Professional performance is more faced with classical repertoire, which requires the piano itself to have a very high-quality detail processing ability, and mechanical piano is certainly better than electronic piano in this respect. If it is amateur entertainment, mechanical piano, electronic piano, please feel free. The electronic piano has good timbre and recording effect, many timbre changes, high entertainment, while the mechanical piano has poor recording effect, single timbre, occupying a place, requiring maintenance and tuning, which will disturb the people. In a word, it's still up to you to decide what to choose based on what your instrument is used for.

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