How to arrange piano learning time

In the army of piano learning, because students' subjects, personalities, and goals are different, and each student's learning acceptance is also different, it is difficult to formulate a unified standard. Arrange a corresponding training schedule.

But one thing is for sure: pure technical exercises and music must be arranged scientifically and reasonably.

In addition, hearing training and sight reading training are indispensable subjects to learn piano, and it should also be included in the personal piano training schedule.

The result of continuous practice for a long time is that the first hour produces results, the second hour has no effect, and the third hour makes an error. For long practice sessions, you must rest in the middle.

Some students are used to practicing the piano in a very tired state after doing their homework. The effect is definitely not good. You can consider arranging the piano in the morning. The practice in the morning is more efficient than the piano in the evening.

In the winter and summer vacations, it is easy to fall apart because the normal routine of students is broken. Winter and summer vacations are a good time for piano progress. Parents should pay attention to rescheduling students' schedules, avoid sleepiness, and avoid piano practice

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