How to Accompany Children to Play the Piano

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

My daughter is nearly seven years old. She has been learning to play the piano for more than a year. Every day she plays the piano with her, she has to play some temper.

I always feel that she is not very interested in playing the piano. The children's Hannon 1-20 lessons have been playing for nearly half a year, but there are still several lessons that are always incoherent. Either the rhythm is out of step or the sound is wrong.

I think if the piano is played many times or a little difficult, the children will feel bored. I discussed with the teacher. If the children play a good tune, we will encourage people or let the teacher play his favourite song as a reward. I also downloaded many children like it on my home computer. Listen to piano music, and the other son likes the music on his grading book. Before he learns new music, he will follow the computer to preview in advance.

I think for so long, the children like playing the piano. Sometimes I also let the children teach me. The children always say that I am stupid. Anyway, I think the children regard learning the piano as a kind of music. Fun.

Learning and practicing piano is a rather dull process. It is suggested that children should be encouraged more. For example, parents play the piano with their children and make rules of the game, which will arouse their children's interest.

Children's growth and development starts with big muscle activity and then goes to the delicate movements of small muscles. Playing the piano requires very skilful small muscle movements, which require considerable patience.

Children who are too young have slightly poor coordination and can't sit still. Learning the piano at this time is tantamount to pulling out the seedlings and promoting them.

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