How should parents work with their children to learn jazz drums?

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Children learn jazz drums, parents should do

1 Don't rush to seek success at first, first of all to cultivate interest. Look at the video or scene of the good kids playing drums and have the opportunity to watch the performances of the drums.

2 In the process of learning the drums for children, we found that the children's learning drums are also directly related to the parents' efforts. If conditions permit, parents need to help the children to complete the class requirements.

3 Integrate into this circle and play and communicate with the good children who are learning. Parents actively participate in the teacher's facebook group or WeChat group to discuss and discuss.

4 Give your child the habit of practicing drums on time every day. Of course, this takes a certain amount of time. It is best to help your child develop this habit at the beginning.

5 Everything is difficult at the beginning: Parents must cooperate with the teacher to give the child the correct corrective action at the beginning, preferring to slow down and not ask for more and faster learning! At the same time, we must adhere to the daily practice, learn to remember the instrument: the drum is like the absorption of nutrition, every day to absorb. Try to do it: make a little progress every day! And don't miss class for no reason, the amount of study time per week is quite small, and the parents are most responsible for the child.

6 Communicate with the teacher: Master the role that the parents should play, learn to encourage the child, guide the child to learn in music, and usually listen to various styles of music.

7 Actively participate in various forms of performances and competitions: the little songs that have just begun to learn can also go to the stage to show their hands, to encourage children to come to power.

8 Record the bits and pieces of the usual children's learning drums. This is the best gift for parents to send their children.

9 Persistence is victory, you must meet even small problems that need to be asked to solve the problem!

10 The key to learning to drum is: relax, slow down, repeat and think again and again.

11 At home, you can put the drums in a conspicuous position at home to deepen your child's impression of the drums. Once the guests, the children will be shown to the guests on the small stage of their home. The applause will increase the confidence of the children in the drums. .

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