How Roll Up Drum Kit is Better than the Traditional Drum Kit

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

• What is a traditional drum kit?

The drum kit is actually set of cymbals, drums as well as percussion instruments. It is the oldest musical instrument that is used by musicians to create music. It is available in different sizes as well as in different shapes.

The standard drum is played by drum sticks. While some kits are played by pedals as well. Traditional drum kit produces the sound or music by the vibration of the head. In a standard drum kit following are the main components:

• Snare drum It is basically placed on a stand that player(drum kit)placed between his knees. It is played by drum sticks. • Bass drum It is played by the pedal. Player normally use right foot to play it. By playing it beater moves and produce sound. • Toms Drum kit contains one or more than one toms which are also played by a drumstick. While some toms are played with brushes. • Hi-Hat It mainly consists of two cymbals which are basically mounted on a stand. To open or close it normally left pedal is used.

• Roll up a drum kit Roll up drum kit is drum kit which can be rolled up. It is actually a combination of different components such as electrical components as well as rubber sheet on which electrical components are embedded On top of the rubber sheet where components are attached, the drum brain is attached. Drum brain actually controls the overall functionality of roll up the drum. It has following built-in features: ✓ Rechargeable batteries ✓ Built-in speakers ✓ Foot pedals ✓ Drum sticks ✓ Portability

• Drum kit as a favorite musical instrument for young people In today's era to create music or to listen music is a favorite thing to do in spare time for young people. Different people use different ways or means to enjoy music. Some people like just to listen the music while others love to play music on a drum kit or on some other musical instruments.

It becomes a source to relax the mind. In addition to becoming the source of relaxing mind, it also becomes a source of distraction from tensions that make their life dull and boring. Some youngsters used to play music regularly on their drum kits as a hobby.

Playing music as a hobby makes young people creative as well. Most young people spend their maximum time on listening to music or creating music. People who love music or have a music hobby want to have a drum kit for their own. Because music teaches lots of skills, everyone wants to adopt playing music as his or her hobby.

And the People who have the passion for playing music put lots of effort as well as time to learn how to play music in a better way. Youngsters who make an attempt to learn playing music became disciplined as well as determined because, in learning music, discipline and commitment are very necessary things.

If someone is interested in learning how to play music on a drum kit but he is not disciplined as well as determined, he or she cannot learn it. Along with discipline and determination, people also learn mathematics by playing the drum kit. It is popular in youngsters also because besides other skills as I mentioned earlier, it also cultivates social skills in them. Social skills are the basic needs of today's era. Due to all the reasons mentioned above playing music is the most popular hobby for youngsters.

• Noise production biggest problem in traditional drum kits The traditional drums play very loud so that sometimes their sound becomes irritating or unpleasant for people other than players.

While playing drum kits production of noise is the biggest problem for music players or drummers. If someone loves to play drum kits he would like to play it any time whenever he or she wants to relax his or her mind. But outside his or her room there are some other people who are not interested in playing or listening to drum sound or music. There might be a possibility that there are some people outside their house or room who are not well and the drum sound becomes unpleasant sound for them and they have complaints.

With traditional drum kits, you do not have any option to reduce that sound which is unpleasant for the people other than a music player. Due to these factors there come restrictions on, at which part of the day drum players can play their drum so that it does not become problem or irritation for other people.

• Benefits of roll up drum kit over the traditional drum kit Roll up drum kits has lots of benefits over the traditional drum kit. Due to these benefits of the roll up drum kit, it is more preferable on the traditional drum kit. Some benefits of the roll up drum kit are listed down: • No Noise Problems Roll up drum kits has a solution for noise problems of the traditional drum kits. They have the flexibility of reducing the noise of drums as it has a feature to control the volume of drum sound or music. The user can control the volume of the drum by tuning it. By using roll up drum kits we can overcome the problem of noise which player faced by using the traditional drum kits. It is a very beneficial feature for people who love to create music using drums. As the user can control the volume of the drum, he or she has not to face the problems of complaints from the people. The user can use a drum kit at any time of the day or anywhere to relax

• Light Weight Roll up drums are the very lightweight that they can easily be carried out anywhere without any problems. On the other hand, the traditional drum kits are very heavy and it is difficult to carry them. To move from place to another the traditional drum kits need 2 or more than 2 persons. So we cannot move the traditional drum kits easily. • Easy transportation As I mentioned earlier that the roll up drum kits are smaller in size and they are foldable as well. So, it is very easy to carry and transport them from one place to another place. On the other hand, traditional drum kits have bigger drums that are heavier, difficult to carry and transport. So the roll up drum kit is more beneficial as compared to the traditional drum kit. • No maintenance As roll up drum kit smaller in size, no maintenance is required due to which its use becomes easy and joyful. Whereas traditional drum kit is larger in size and also requires specific room conditions to place it. The traditional drum kit also requires regular maintenance. Regular maintenance makes it difficult to keep a traditional drum kit. • Occupies less space The roll up drum kit occupies less space because of its smaller size and also because it is foldable. As it occupies less space it can be carried out anywhere easily. It can be adjusted in a bag or suitcase with no trouble. On the other hand, the traditional drum kit occupies a larger space because of its bigger size. It cannot be folded. It is not possible to carry a traditional drum kit in bags or suitcase. It requires a special room to place. On the other hand, the roll up drums kit can be placed on the floor or on the tabletop and can be played easily.

• Low Cost Along with all the features I have mentioned in the above section of this article, the roll up drum kit is not much expensive. It has a reasonable price. The price of the roll up drum kit is not a problem for a person who loves to play on the drum kit. Because he knows that the traditional drum is very expensive. And in comparison with the traditional drum kit, the roll up drum kit cost is very low or small.

• Great gift for anyone The roll up drum kit is an awesome gift for drummers that have small space, less budget. Also, great gift for those who need practice and also for those who have to travel frequently. It is a unique gift for both kids and adults. you can connect your roll up the drum to the laptop and you can record the beats. In this way, you can track your practice and record in software that produces music.

• Conclusion From the above brief discussion, it is very obvious that the roll up drum kit is better than the traditional drum kits. It is because the roll up drum kit has lots of benefits over the traditional drum kits such as they are less expensive, occupy less space, lightweight, portable, small in size, can be rolled up and many more

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