How much is the cost of learning the piano ?

Piano as an elegant art, has been relatively high threshold, so how much money to learn the piano has become a lot of people are more concerned about a problem. In fact, the cost of learning the piano is not very high.

The cost of piano learning in general piano: $15 for a junior piano course , $30 for a high piano course , $60 a lesson for a piano lesson . About $240. Of course, there are a little bit of a difference across Asia, but the gap won't be too big.

Good piano teacher because there will be a lot of students to find their own door, so their fees are generally relatively expensive, basically more than 20 dollars, or even more than 100 dollars a class is not in the minority, so the cost of learning the piano is very high. But the effect will be much better, famous teachers out of high students, especially in the arts, efforts are often not enough.

How much money to learn the piano is to see their own choice, the general piano line of teachers are many are invited to school students, or professional teachers, because the profit of the piano line is half a point, such as a class of 15 dollars, then the teacher 20 dollars, piano line 40 dollars, this price is good teacher is not to see. So if it is just a simple hobby, you can find piano practice, the cost of learning piano will be relatively low. But if you want to learn as a major, then find a good teacher, so the cost of learning the piano will be relatively high, need a certain degree of economic ability to do.

There are also some younger teachers, teaching level is also good, the fee is relatively cheap, but such a teacher can not be asked.

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