How much does it cost to learn piano in China?

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Piano training classes are now very expensive. Generally speaking, each lesson is within 200-400 yuan ($28-56). According to 40 lessons a year, the annual cost is 8000-16000 ($1150-2300). However, the prices of different educational institutions are also biased. If it's a one-to-one teacher, it's more expensive.

The cost of buying a piano is about 15,000-30,000 RMB, so you can have your own piano. Of course, this does not include the cost of tuning and maintenance.

Purchase of textbooks can be done without CD-ROM tutoring (CD-ROM is not very useful in practice), which costs hundreds of yuan.

If adults study, it will take at least one year to reach the level of 3 (no previous exposure to musical instruments). It also depends on personal efforts and talent. In a word, learning piano in China needs certain economic strength.

However, rollup piano is becoming more and more popular, which can be purchased at a cost of several hundred yuan. It is also suitable for self-study and practice.

As a musical instrument, piano is sought after by many music enthusiasts. Piano is a work of art, but it is also a luxury of many families. If a good car is in the same state at home and you want it to always perform well, routine maintenance and maintenance are essential.

Anyang Qixing piano expert said: Each piano is a remarkable work of art. It embodies the hard work of many people, and has its unique charm! As long as you treat it with your heart, it will accompany you for the rest of your life as a partner!

The most luxurious time to learn piano is not piano, nor tuition, but the best golden time for learning piano. I didn't have the condition to learn piano when I was young, and now I regret it very much.

Now with the development of science and technology, there is a roll piano that everyone can afford. If you like it, you can buy it for about 80 dollars.

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