How expensive it is to learn piano in China

Every piano teacher is after many years of grinding, let's first calculate the value of a piano teacher, then judge whether it's cheap!

Learning cost All piano teachers have been studying for a long time, for more than ten years or more. The tuition, piano fee, hard training experience, time and hard work spent in the middle are beyond your count.

Experience and professional costs Before a piano teacher formally starts class, how long do they have to go through the accumulation of learning and experience? Not everyone who studies piano is willing to be a piano teacher in the future. Do you know something about piano that can be taught to you? Every fingering, technique, hand form, music theory It's easy to understand. Can you make do with it in practice? If you don't practice hard many times, can you trust to teach your children? General unit hire people, want to find a person with the work experience of the bank, right? I don't need to say more about the reason. Or can the salaries of interns and regular employees be the same?

Many people think that they can play and teach. In fact, it is impossible. A lot of time for every piano teacher is spent preparing lessons, practicing piano, teaching and researching, constantly improving their skills, studying solutions to different problems of each student, and studying how they should teach in the simplest way, so that students can master it most easily.

Every excellent piano teacher has a very long and even very difficult period of time, how many students give up?! How many have changed careers?! Not everyone can choose to stick to the end. This is the sadness behind the invisible piano teacher.

Cost of learning hardware Most of the piano teachers I know around me, who don't need a decent piano, many learning materials, countless times of learning and learning costs, in order to have a comfortable environment for the students, all the classrooms have to be decorated with exquisite and bright, teaching hardware and software must be sufficient, in order to be professional, in order to have a good sound quality, the piano teacher will not hesitate to buy a good piano locally Don't you need any money? Think about it, the piano teacher to give you a lesson, how much you can not see the cost of hard work.

Time cost The times are changing, so are the teaching methods. If the teacher doesn't spend time preparing lessons, doesn't try to teach students in accordance with their aptitude according to the situation of the students, and pushes out new teaching contents, how can it meet your requirements? It should be simple and understandable, take into account every aspect, be active in the classroom, and have new methods Are these things that grow out of nothing and don't need thinking?

I just want to say, "don't only see their income, but believe in the truth of giving 10 points and returning 1 point!" When you don't know the piano teacher, say "it's very simple, just teach it, we don't need to be so professional.". In fact, the piano teacher's "casually" is more bitter and tired than that dish of food, that pen, that dress. What is paid behind is energy, health, physical strength, brain power and life consumption.

With the advancement of science and technology, there are already many ways to learn piano. You can also try our hand-rolled piano + stickers, which will definitely make your piano learning easier.

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