How deep should the right pedal of the piano be pressed

In fact, the pedal is a controller that continuously controls the degree by the depth of the player's step. Like the automobile accelerator, there are not only "no step" and "step to the end" states.

The right pedal of the piano is used to control the preset height of the damper. If the right pedal is not pressed at all, the damper will fall back to the string as soon as the key is released. On the contrary, if you press the pedal to the end, even if you put the key down, the damper will not fall down to hold the string.

1. You can control the influence of the right pedal while the damper is in contact with the chord.

2. Once the damper leaves the string, the pedal effect is maximized. (Stepping deeper makes no difference)

3. The top section of the right pedal has no effect.

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