Getting started with piano learning

Piano learning to get started, graphic and lush, in-depth shallow. I believe that everyone should be able to start piano learning from here to start the introduction

(i)  The keyboard instrument you use

Whether you have a real piano or an electric piano, electronic piano or organ, the tutorials here will teach you to know the keyboard, play five-line music, and learn basic five-line spectrum knowledge.

Simply put, piano learning involves understanding the keyboard, putting your hands in the right place, how to control the use of your fingers, how to play together with your hands instead of your right hand, and, of course, how to understand the five-line piano score.

What kind of keyboard instrument do you use to learn? How many keyboards are there? I suggest you use the kind with 61 keyboards. If your keyboard has a gravity feel (a heavy keyboard) better, it's closer to the real piano's mechanics and touch. In general, the keyboard of the simple low-grade electronic piano has no gravity-sensitive design, and there is no resistance when the keyboard is pressed (the more realistic piano keyboard will know).

(ii) White keyboard, where does the black keyboard start?

How can I remember the 88 keys --- the keyboard at first when I see it?

But you can quickly sum up the distribution of black keys: three black keys and two black keys are arranged regularly, and the intervals are exactly the same.

You will also find that the white key above has a regular green letter C, which appears on the white key slot on the left side of the two black keys. As for why this is called C will be detailed later. Another thing you should pay attention to is the C position in the center of the keyboard, both called central C. This is a place to keep in mind and you'll find a lot of meaning in this iconic C later. The central C position below is the keyboard position of the real piano.

(iii) Grouping of piano keyboards five-line basic elements

Above, above is the five-line spectrum of the piano you often see, and the hollow circle in the middle is centered between the lines --- the short horizontal line. This central C position is the keyboard you need to refer to when you play any piano tune.

Five-line spectrum is a language that records music, just like English and Chinese, and it also has its own rules that tell you what to play and how to play. The most obvious feature is the left-end spectral form----- the high-pitched and bass-spectrum synths, a standard piano five-line spectral form. Notes (later) are available online or online.

Fill a set of white keyboard gray colors in the center C and you'll find a group of C, seven white keys plus five black keyboards (two blacks and three blacks) to form a group of 12 keyboards, and this Group C repeats. Playing these different groups with your left or right hand will find that the higher the sound to the right and the lower the left voice.

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