For children Notes on Learning Piano

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

For children, learning piano has some problems that should be avoided.

One taboo: narrow purpose, utilitarian first. Some parents overly value the "grade examination" and forget the basic purpose of education, resulting in children in the process of learning the piano fundamentally do not realize the beauty of music and the joy of playing the piano.

Second taboo: be eager to achieve, help by holding the seedlings. Some parents are eager to see their children grow up. They always suspect that their children are progressing slowly. They often ask their teachers to raise their level, which violates the objective law of things and produces contrary results.

Three taboos: blind comparison, exaggeration and vanity. If parents do this, they will cause unnecessary pressure on their children, so that they can not treat themselves correctly and others correctly.

Four taboos: Lack of perseverance, death will stop. When a child encounters difficulties, some parents do not encourage the child to persevere, but to retreat and give up.

In addition to some noteworthy problems, there are some good principles and key points in learning piano.

(1) Setting the time for piano practice regularly when the children are energetic is conducive to concentrating, guaranteeing the quality and cultivating good study habits.

(2) Five-year-olds generally have about 20 minutes of attention, so it is advisable to arrange 20-30 minutes for each exercise, two to three times a day, and "eat less and eat more" is convenient for "digestion".

(3) Each practice should have clear requirements and specific objectives. Do not simply stipulate how many times to play, how many hours to play, and have quality and quantity.

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