Do you know how to place the piano?

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Resettlement requirements

1. Do not place the piano in a place where there are serious corrosive gases around it to prevent the surface oxidation of metal parts.

2. Do not place the piano near the source of water and heat. If placed, it must be separated more than 2 meters to prevent damp or baking damage to wood parts.

3. Do not place piano in direct sunlight to prevent film deformation, cracking and quality change.

4. The best environment for Piano placement is between 40% and 70% relative humidity. At the same time, the room is well ventilated and exposed to sunlight.

5. The back of the piano should not be close to the wall, at least the gap between the walls is more than 100 mm. If conditions permit, Zui tilts in the corner.

6. When the piano is placed on the wet ground, the piano mat should be higher.

7. After using the piano, the cover of the piano should be closed, and the cover should be shielded to prevent dust intrusion.

8. Piano's action system and other parts use a large amount of wool material, so in order to prevent insect plaque, it should be hung on the iron bar or placed under the keyboard to fix the camphor insecticide and replace it regularly.

9. Place some desiccants at the bottom of the piano and replace them frequently to keep the piano dry.

10. In order to keep the piano's paint film clean, it is necessary to wipe the piano surface with soft cloth frequently, then wipe the piano surface with piano advanced brightener. The paint film surface is exceptionally bright and keeps a certain degree of lubrication. Do not touch your fingers after touching (see the brightener instructions for specific methods).

11. When the climate is too humid, do not disassemble the parts easily if you find that the key can not play and the expansion of the internal components and the sound is inaccurate.

Professional and technical personnel should be inspected and adjusted. If you play or adjust your voice arbitrarily, the strings will be loosened or even broken.

12. Pianos placed in wet or rainy environments should be kept for one to two hours a day. If you don't use it for a long time, please put pesticides and a certain amount of desiccant in the piano and put them on the box.

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