Do you know about piano repair

Have you heard of piano repair? Do you know the content of piano maintenance? Do you know the standard of piano maintenance? Today, let's talk about the knowledge of "piano maintenance".

The piano is relatively complex, which requires special tools and materials for repair, and requires professional personnel for repair. The daily inspection can only be carried out under the guidance of professional and technical workers. What is introduced here is how to deal with the problem when there is no need for special tools and the problem is relatively small.

Generally speaking, under the normal use of a new piano, the task of piano maintenance within 5-10 years after delivery is mainly to arrange and tune. For example, if the part position is shifted, it should be adjusted to the original standard position, the transmission mechanism needs to be lubricated, and the dust in the piano body needs to be removed In a word, after the arrangement of the piano, all the parts are adjusted to the best striking position to keep it in the best performing state. This kind of maintenance that does not need to be repaired and replaced belongs to the range of finishing and then tuning.

The old piano is out of repair for a long time, and the key column is rusty, which makes the key movement inflexible or unable to be pressed

To prevent rusting, apply Vaseline or other lubricating oil on the cloth, mix the cloth and oil evenly, and wipe the interior of each piano key.

Remove the keys and remove the dirt.

In wet season, it is easy to cause deformation of wood expansion lock baffle.

In the rainy season, due to the high humidity of the air, the wooden part of the piano keys will expand and absorb moisture, which often makes the movement of the piano keys inflexible or unable to be pressed.

Some pianos are not ideal because of the drying of the key material. After a period of use, the two keys will deform and rub or squeeze each other

Piano is a complex and delicate instrument, but if it can be properly maintained and used, it can generally be used for 70-80 years.

On the one hand, it plays the role of aesthetic decoration, on the other hand, it makes the internal parts be effectively fixed and protected

Treatment of shell scratch

If the scratch is not serious and does not cause the paint film to sag or fall off, but there is a scratch on the surface, soft cloth can be used to form the size of an egg, the toothpaste can be coated on the surface, and a little water can be dipped at the same time. After repeated friction at the scratch, the luster can be restored. If the scratch is serious, but the wood is not damaged, No. 500 water sandpaper can be purchased, and the wood block with a surface of 4 cm wide and 6 cm long than flat can be wrapped with several layers of cloth, Soak the water sandpaper in warm water and fold it into the plane width of the wood block, wrap it on the wood block, and dry it with alcohol.

If the lock baffle is fixed with screws, loosen the fixing screws, pad one or two layers of thick paper between the key side wood at both ends of the keyboard and the lock baffle, and then tighten the screws. If the lock baffle is glued, then take down the piano key and grind the inside of the lock baffle with a sanding file, while grinding and playing, until the piano key can move up and down sensitively. Then put on the key, you can use it.

There are other reasons for the failure of the keys, such as: there are sundries between the two keys; the lead mound at the back of the keys comes out, hindering the movement of the adjacent keys, etc. Before repairing, it is necessary to check carefully, and then repair accurately and reasonably according to the situation.

The piano is like a car. It needs to be maintained regularly to make it new. But as for maintenance, it seems that only car maintenance has been heard, and piano maintenance is relatively rare. I always feel that the piano is a durable product, which can be used for several years without any problems. But in fact, there are big problems with this idea.

Take care of the piano carefully. Your piano can be used for a longer time.

Piano Repair, Restoration and Reinstatement

Piano Repair Restoration Rebuilding and Reinstatement

Maintenance and Repair. In order to maintain your piano in its best condition, it is essential to carry out maintenance, especially piano tuning,

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