Do drum beginners need to buy a drum set

As a drum teacher, half of my students are adults and half of my children. Their children learn because of their parents' supervision, while adults learn because no one urges them. There are not many who can last more than a year. I suggest that you don't buy a drum at the beginning of your study. First of all, the drum shelf is different from other instruments. It makes a very loud sound.

When you practice songs, you need to equip a sound system.

To buy a drum, you should at least prepare a room at home for sound insulation. Secondly, basic skills are very important for any instrument. The basic skills of the drum stand can be practiced on the dumb drum pad. I learned drums in college. Every day, I knock dumb drum mats in the dormitory. Fortunately, my roommates are more harmonious. Otherwise, although the sound of drum mats is not big at all, it sounds very annoying. Usually the rhythm that needs to practice real drum is practiced in the school piano shop. Many training institutions can directly practice drum.

If you're in college now, it's really hard to buy, but you can't practice in your dorm, and it's probably not very possible to keep learning all the time. It is suggested that we can take classes first and buy dumb drum mats to practice basic skills. If there is a real drum in the school, we can go to the piano shop to practice it. If there is no real drum in the school, we can go to the place where we learn it. When you have your own room to practice, you can stick to it all the time. It's not too late to buy any more. But if you have money and conditions, it doesn't matter if you buy a set first. Some of my students bought 12000 drums as soon as they learned, and gave them away when they didn't learn for half a year... If you have no conditions, think about it first

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