Did you practice piano at home and quarrel with your neighbors

Many piano enthusiasts have encountered the problem of piano harassment. Sometimes it is noisy to others and sometimes it is really noisy to others.

Many times the piano is disturbing because of the sound insulation of the room and the time of practicing the piano. Affects neighbourhood relationships and piano learning.

So the question is coming. Is there any way to solve this long-term problem?

Piano tampering tips

1. The easiest way, step on the soft pedal; (Long-term use will affect your feel and ears, it is not recommended!)

2.Put sheets, towels, or blankets with pushpins on the back of the piano and muffle the soundboard from top to bottom to absorb sound;

3.Put a wooden board or plastic foam under the piano;

4. Hang more tapestries on the wall for sound absorption;

5. Sound insulation double glazing + extra thick curtains, then close the door and close the window to pull the curtains;

6. Arrange limited piano training time at appropriate time;


In addition, the piano can be connected to headphones, so that only you can hear the sound without worrying about the noise

Do you have any other tricks for sound insulation?

Please leave a comment below ~

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