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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

It’s all in one type of

package I am fond of playing music on the piano. I was in search of something that can help me in continuing my passion. I want something that has all the qualities in one package.

One day while I was searching on the internet for a device that can help me in doing my hobby on a regular basis. I saw the advertisement of a roll up piano. I went to the page where it was being sold.

I saw the image which was shown on the page. I found it very appealing. It attracted me. I became curious to know more about it. Then, I went for its specifications section to know more about it. When I saw the specifications, I was surprised to know about its amazing features. It was mentioned that it can be rolled up. After seeing this feature, I was very happy because I want something that I can carry with myself anywhere I want to go. As my job is to travel very often from one city to the other city.

I was still surprised to see its portability feature, I further saw many of its amazing features which includes that it is waterproof. This feature also goes in my favour as I was in search of something that will be durable and the thing that does need much care while using it.

Furthermore, I saw that it has built-in songs as well as rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery is also a very amazing feature of it for me. Because I needed something that I can use without any problem with its battery.

In its features, I noticed that its keys are thick. I knew that thick keys provide a powerful grip on keys. I found this feature amazing to the next level. Besides all the features I mentioned here, the best thing about this product was that its cost is not very high. Along with its lots of amazing features, it was very cheap. At least I can afford it easily without any problem. All its features were in favour of my needs. When I came to know that all the features I need are available at a reasonable price, I did not delay for a second even in placing an order.

I went to their official website and placed an order. The best thing about it was that it does not only have features but their delivery was also on time. I found their parcel exactly on the date which was mentioned there when I was placing an order. Just after finding my parcel, I opened it up. I found it more appealing from the picture or image I saw on their website. I was very happy to see that it has a user manual as well. I can use the user manual to know more about it or I can also use it whenever I find any difficulty in using it.

1st of all after opening parcel I read instructions carefully so that I have no trouble in using it. After reading instructions I picked the piano and removed the cover from it. Under the piano, I saw the number sheet was also available. These numbers have to place on the keys of the piano keyboard so that making rhymes on the piano becomes easy. Amazingly on number sheet, it was clearly mentioned that how to place these numbers on the keys of the piano keyboard. I carefully followed the instructions written on paper with number sheet to put the numbers on the number keys.

After that, according to the user manual, I connected the USB cable and played some rhymes on it. The most amazing thing about it was that in user manual some sequences were also given to make tones. As I was a beginner I really need it. I enjoyed making these tones.

I found it very interesting as it has all the features that were mentioned in the description of this product on their official website.

I started playing it on a regular basis. Initially, as I was not much aware of how to use it, I used the user manual in learning how to play or make new rhymes. Most important thing about it was that it also has 90 built-in tones in its memory. Whenever I am not in the mood of creating tones or I am tired enough that I can not make tones, I just play the built-in tones and enjoy these tones.

Its speaker is so good that I never had a problem in listening to tones. Pitch of the speaker is very good so that the sound does not seems like vibrating. Along with the exceptional speaker, it also has a volume control feature. I can easily change the volume of sound whenever I needed.

Initially, I used to make tones according to the sequences given in the manual. Now I can make tones without any guide. In the start, I properly followed the sequences given on the manual to make tones. Now I became expert enough to make very good tones on the piano without any guide.

Portability feature of this product is very useful or favourable for me because I have to travel very often. As it is portable it is not an issue for me to take it anywhere. I always took it with myself anywhere I go for my job. As it is foldable too it does not occupy much space. I can adjust it anywhere in my luggage easily. Its battery does not have a charging problem because it is rechargeable so whenever I am not using it I put it on charging so that I can easily use it whenever I want.

I found it very interesting as well as friendly because it gives me all the qualities that I want in one package at a reasonable price. I recommend you all to purchase it as it is all in one type of magical package that everyone can easily afford and enjoy.

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