Chinese Piano Music For Children - Sheet Music - SIMAGUANG

Sheet Music

A group of children are playing in the courtyard. One child is standing on the big urn non-urn, urn belongs to pottery, the mouth is small, the urn is porcelain, the mouth is large . They fall over and fall into the water. They all ran away, Sima Guang broke the stone with a stone, the water flowed out, and the child survived.

Sima Guang was a writer, historian and historian of the Northern Song Dynasty in China.

His father's name is simachi. Influenced by his father, he was smart and studious since he was young. According to historical records, Sima Guang likes reading very much. He often "does not leave the book without his hands, and does not know hunger when reading". At the age of seven, he was able to recite ancient poems skillfully.

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