Chinese Piano Music For Children - Sheet Music - It is raining

Sheet Music


"It's raining heavily. The water has already flowed into the street. My mother carries firewood and sells it on the street. Sister-in-law has embroidered shoes, shoes, socks, belts and rows of Pearl butterflies. "

The nursery rhyme is not only widely spread in Cantonese communities in Guangdong and Guangxi, but also used by citizens and media to tease the city's "waterlogging" problem. It also appeared at the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Cantonese nursery rhymes are created by the general public. They are made by convention. Different versions will appear in the process of singing,

The classical children's songs with Cantonese local characteristics are full of childlike and childlike interest, with beautiful melody and clear picture, which can improve children's interest in music, increase knowledge in children's songs, children's language and the way of music enlightenment!

Cantonese has 22 initials, 94 finals, nine tones and six tunes. The pronunciation is much more complicated than Mandarin. Therefore, listening to and learning to sing Cantonese children's songs can stimulate the development of left brain, greatly improve children's language ability, music appreciation ability and explore children's music talent.

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