Chinese Piano Music For Children Sheet Music -The children of the sea

The main idea of lyrics

The South China Sea is very deep. The South China Sea is very big. There are many fish in the South China Sea.

There's oil on the bottom of the sea.

Wait for us to develop. Tomorrow we go to the South China Sea.

We are the children of the sea.

The South China Sea, located in the south of the mainland of China, is one of the three major marginal seas in the Western Pacific Ocean. The natural sea area of this sea area is about 3.5 million square kilometers, of which the total area of China's territorial sea is about 2.1 million square kilometers. It is the largest and deepest sea area in China's coastal waters, with an average water depth of 1212 meters and a maximum depth of 5559 meters. The South China Sea spans about 2000 kilometers from north to South and 1000 kilometers from east to west

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