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Updated: Jan 8, 2020


Sheet Music

Early in the morning, the scenery is good, I signed up for school The river on the side of the road The birds on the branches are chirping. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa It's like saying hello to me!

3-6 years is a critical period of intellectual and psychological development.

Baby learning piano from an early age is conducive to increasing the sense of music and music ability. It can also develop intelligence, inspire thinking, and broaden the horizon. The beautiful melody and lively mood in nursery rhymes can give the baby beautiful enjoyment and emotional influence.

The children's songs are rich in content, easy to understand, bright and interesting, and suitable for children of all ages to learn. Instruct parents to use a variety of methods to teach their children to read children's songs, and develop their full potential.

In China, January 1 is generally used as the standard for school attendance, such as calculating the age of one year, entering school, employment, retirement, marriage and so on. Even when children are vaccinated, children born in November and December are not regarded as children of the second year, which proves that these children are normal in physical development and intelligence. Children of the same age should be treated equally. How can they be treated differently in school? Moreover this kind of influence will be a long life!

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