Children learn the piano, parents need to read this article

Initially, parents decided to let their children learn a musical instrument in the hope that their children have more experience of the good things. But over time, many parents will forget their original intention, but feel that their children may need to participate in some competitions.

Because parents have too much expectation, too much demand, there are too many disappointments. It can be said that the road to learning music is not easy. Parents who are eager to push their children to the top, if the opportunity to calmly rethink, look back at how the children on the road to learning came, it is easy to understand that due to the wrong guidance, resulting in children lost the life really should learn the valuable experience.

A child's upbringing involves too many important factors. But the role of the Enlightenment is irreplaceable, if in the critical period of growth, parents can not give the right and good guidance, the damage to children will never be repaired.

It's best to learn musical instruments after the age of 5, pay attention to learning musical instruments instead of letting your children touch music after the age of five

Children before the age of 5 need to learn to listen to all kinds of music with their ears, enjoy the rhythmic swing of the body, try to make some sound. Through the feeling of singing and dancing, first accumulate some musical concepts, in order to enrich the young mind.

In terms of physical condition, children under 5 years of age are more or less limited by the ability to use musical instruments because the neuromuscular muscles are not maturee. Of course, talented children can start learning when they are 4 years old.

Parents may have heard that children as young as 2 years old have started learning violins, pianos or cellos, but most teaching practitioners still argue that for formal instruments such as pianos, violins, flutes or guitars, it is best to delay learning until the age of five.

Small hands do not affect learning the piano

Some parents think that "small-handed children may not learn the piano." "So, before they get ready to learn the piano, many parents have to find out: What are my children's hand conditions? In fact, small-handed children can play the piano well. "Because the child is growing into a long term, the little hand will grow up.

Don't worry and reprimand a child's mistake

If a child missounds in practice, sensible parents should not scold the child on the spot, but talk to the child calmly. Parents need to constantly motivate their children's desire to practice. Assuming that a child is interrupted by an adult as soon as he or she is wrong, their attention shifts from the music to the parents' rebuke. Because they are afraid of playing wrong and pulling it wrong, they will play the piano more carefully, which will affect the feeling of music.

Listen every day, practice every day, let the child in the encouragement of repeated practice. At present, most children who learn piano attend classes once a week, which is not enough. The right way to do this should be: let the child listen to the music to learn, and then teach him to pop the song, when he can pop the song, you can leave him for homework, and then continue to practice at home.

The good or bad practice of the piano habit has a direct impact on efficiency, we must pay attention to the children in the first stage of piano learning without losing the opportunity to cultivate good habits, otherwise bad habits gradually formed, wait until aware of its harm and then want to change it is difficult.

Avoiding noise damage

Regardless of the music activity, the volume control is very important. Sometimes because the sound is too loud, it can cause the child to lose the interest in listening.

In a noisy environment, there is absolutely no way to produce a quiet child. Music was originally to bring people a quiet and clear mind, so children in playing the piano, the volume of sound should not be too large, do not play the piano without rhythm. Let the child know, sit in front of the piano to be quiet, the piano is a beautiful instrument. Moreover, when playing the piano should also pay attention to, not the bigger the better, but a certain degree of control, natural and relaxed play.

Learning music is not just when children play, we should do our best to absorb all the contact between the eyes and ears all the time. We should do our best to use all resources to help children get any opportunities for music growth and learning. The simplest way is to arrange some fixed time, carefully select different forms of music (such as cabaret music, folk music, classical music, children's songs, choral songs, etc.)

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