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The design of the volume piano enables the player to use the piano far away from the traditional piano. They also provide a way to relax and a pleasant way to learn. As the name suggests, the keyboard of the roll up piano can be rolled up, conveniently put in the bag, and can be carried with you. When it comes to these instruments, space is never a problem.

Here is some roll up piano information:


• clear speakers

• different options and sounds

• high quality products

• durable and soft button


• the keyboard has a built-in speaker that is loud enough. In those days of quiet practice, the headset has a jack in it.

• this keyboard can also be used with MP3 players. As a speaker or play some music.

• slightly raised keys make 88 keys more realistic.

• it has a tone pedal and USB / MIDI output that allows you to connect to the computer.

Roll up piano keyboard with a little plastic, more silicone rubber. In this way, it can be rolled up and stored comfortably, or taken to any place for selection.

Each key has a sensor that responds to your touch and converts it to sound.

Does it have advanced features?

This is a question most senior players ask. The answer is yes. Now, most scrollable keyboards on the market support the use of MIDI files. You can connect to a computer, phone, tablet or MP3 and enjoy the best custom settings. By providing a USB port, nothing can prevent the player from playing various sounds and tones.

There are many good choices for you. If you're already a great pianist, there's nothing wrong with getting at least 61 keys.

If you come up with an idea that you can use later and create something better on your hotel suite laptop, choose one that comes with midi.

Some basic batteries are mainly made for children. They are usually three octaves, powered by AAA batteries. It has start and stop, volume control, headphone jack and built-in speaker functions.

On the other hand, the improved functions include style, sound, demo song, drum group, etc. The piano scroll keyboard should be considered by every beginner.

We promise

12 months Manufacturer’s limited Warranty for defective items (excluding items damaged and/or misused after receipt). Accessories come with a 3-month warranty.

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