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Updated: Jan 8

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Happy New Year,

Congratulations on the new year.

We sing, we dance,

Congratulations on the new year.

The first day of the first lunar month is the yuan of a year, the yuan of a month and the yuan of a day, so it's called "three yuan"; because it's also the year-old, the month and the day, it's also called "Three Dynasties"; because it's the first new moon, it's also called "Yuanshuo". On the first day of the first month, there are other names such as Shangri, Zhengchao, sanshuo and Sanshi, which means that the first day of the first month is the beginning of the year, the month and the day.

Spring Festival is also called lunar new year, commonly known as "new year", "new year". The Spring Festival symbolizes unity and prosperity, and is a festival of new hopes for the future.

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