Are you really ready to learn the piano?

1. Need money

Buy a good piano, at least 15,000 RMB start, pay attention to a little, 340,000 RMB. In short, learning piano must buy piano.

The cost of purchasing piano is a one-time investment, but the cost of learning piano is a considerable long-term expenditure.

In China, a good piano teacher needs to pay 5,600 RMB for a lesson, which is not too expensive. In a year, 20,000 to 30,000 RMB.

2. Take time

In the initial stage of piano learning, it is impossible to learn the piano well without devoting at least one and a half hours every day.

3. Need a good teacher

Piano needs a muscular memory. If you learn wrong at first, it will be very painful to change later. In addition, a bad teacher will make you lose interest gradually.

4. Need to persist

Learning piano is a continuous process. Only by persisting in learning can we get some results.

Hand-scrolled pianos can determine the problem of high piano prices, which are only $60-80. Keyboard stickers can simplify the learning process and make you remember the keys quickly. Easy to carry, so that you can practice the piano anytime and anywhere.

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