After the piano is moved, will there be a deviation in the pitch, and how much is it?

My new piano is temporarily stored in a rental house for three months. I wonder if I should tune the piano in these three months.

There will be deviations, but if you professionally carry the piano, there will not be great deviations. It is recommended to perform tuning after the move.

Tuning can be arranged 15-30 days after Xinqin arrives at home, at least once every six months. It is best to arrange tuning three times a year for the new piano, because the stability of the new piano is slightly worse at this stage. For long-distance transportation, it is recommended to tune for at least one week from south to north or north to south. Because humidity and temperature have some effect on piano pitch.

It is not recommended to carry the piano frequently and frequently. You need to hire a professional to carry the piano when you carry it. You can buy special carrying tools.

Piano handling precautions: The weight of the piano is generally about 200 kilograms, and the main weight is on the iron plate and the string. Therefore, the center of gravity of the piano is generally behind. So be careful when carrying it to prevent the piano from falling over.

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