About second-hand piano

Many pianos are about 30 years, there are 20 years, the key is still possible to be brand new? It should have been refurbished, but how to renovate, what materials? Does it affect the feel of the hand? How is the original piano key composition?

For example, now the inside of the low-grade piano is a layer of plastic shell outside the splint feel very poor!

The key is certainly the original, the surface can be polished, and the key skin can be replaced, so it is not good

The keys do not need to be refurbished, much less replaced. General treatment is polishing. Does not affect the feel of the original imported piano is mostly solid wood and ABS plastic key skin. Polishing treatment is the key skin part.

If there is a crack, will replace the key skin, key skin has domestic Nissan and Taiwan-made, after replacement as long as the treatment, also does not affect the feel and tone.

Some years are particularly long, such as 70 years ago, the skin is particularly yellow, affecting the perception, basically is directly replaced. Yamaha some piano small square key skin is also very yellow, polishing effect is not good, most are also replacing small squares.

Compared with the original piano key and the low-end piano, there are two obvious differences.1. That is, the original high-end piano is the solid xylophone key 2. The original high-end piano key with lead block was aggravated treatment.

The keys of the average second-hand piano are PVC materials, as long as the polishing is no problem to throw the surface scratches off, it looks as bright as new.

If you're lucky enough to find the ivory key piano in the '60s.

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