A large number of research results show that the elderly have the benefits of learning piano

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Of course, the elderly learn piano youth is not the same, after all, has passed the golden period of career, learning piano is no longer to promote the development of the cause or to prove themselves. It is to relax your body and mind, relax yourself and make your old age more fun.

In fact, the elderly learn piano is indeed good for their own body and mind.

First, playing the piano can cultivate the sentiment, so that I feel comfortable and open-minded.

When the elderly play the piano, they are fully engaged in the beautiful artistic conception of music. In the world of music, it is of great benefit to the self-cultivation of the elderly.

Second, the elderly can learn the piano well and can exercise their thinking

Because piano works are the most complex of all musical scores, analyzing and understanding these music requires music knowledge, harmony knowledge, polyphony knowledge, etc., as well as strong memory, reasoning, analysis, and logical judgment. Therefore, learning the piano can help the elderly develop intelligence, and let the elderly stay away from the dementia in the beauty of the United States.

Third, playing the piano can also play a role in exercising the body and enhancing the coordination of the body.

Because playing the piano requires the hands, eyes, feet, ears, and brain. Take the movement of the hand as an example. When playing the piano, the hand should move vertically (down the key) and horizontally (move the hand quickly to the next key). Above);

both hands need to touch the keys at the same time, but also need to touch the keys separately; both need to play one or two sounds at the same time, but also play four or five sounds at the same time. Moreover, the fit error between the hands should not exceed a few tenths of a second. Relevant research shows that long-term, systematic and comprehensive piano practice will keep the main organs such as the heart, limbs and brain in a reasonable, healthy and balanced state, thus achieving the effect of self-cultivation, longevity and longevity.

Fourth, the elderly can learn to play the piano can also make new friends, to rule out loneliness.

Because the elderly have already retired, they are idle at home every day. Because of their work and life, they cannot accompany the elderly often. Therefore, many elderly people are relatively lonely. Learning piano can solve this problem well. In the process of learning the piano, the old man can communicate and learn with his companions. Invisibly increase mutual contact and make a group of fixed Qin friends. Their lives will no longer be lonely. monotonous.

However, everything must be paid attention to a degree. Learning the piano has many benefits for the elderly, but it must be done in accordance with the rules of the elderly. For example, it is too long to practice the piano for a long time. Sitting on the bench for a long time is harmful to the elderly. Specially for the elderly who are not good for the cervical spine, so do not practice the piano too long each time, you can separate the piano time every day, do not concentrate on practicing the piano for a long time.

After practicing the piano for a period of time, I have to go out for a walk and move my body. Also, many older people take the exam and want to try what level they are. This is to maintain a healthy mentality. After all, the examination of the elderly is different from the purpose of the young people. It is necessary to have a calm mind when taking the test. It doesn't matter whether the test is good or not. Don't compete for strength, and don't often participate in some piano sports activities. It is the main purpose of the elderly to learn piano.

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