A few suggestions for adults to learn piano

General adults learn piano time and energy are limited, if let an ordinary and no foundation of the students, it takes half a year to pop their favorite songs or songs, then, there are really few people can stick to it!

So adults learn piano learning methods and plans, are different from children, different from the so-called "academy school"! Must be targeted and jumping! It's about making plans for students!

An adult learning piano needs to be clear about the purpose of learning piano

Adult learning piano, the purpose is very important, in the end just learn a few simple songs or want to systematically learn and so on, to know that there are many ways to learn. If we just learn a few very simple songs, we don't have to spend a lot of time playing Chopin practice song and so on. The purpose of the beginning directly reflects the learning method and its direction later.

Second, the teacher's choice.

Whether it is children or adults to learn the piano, teachers are very important, this is known to all, but how do we find their own needs of teachers?

1 You can go to the insiderto to inquire, ask a few more people, you should not be mistaken;

2 Go to the music association to ask which teacher student test grade good (although the examination level can only be one aspect); don't overbelieve the teacher of the piano line, because some of the piano behavior of the profit please some teachers who are not high price, such a teacher general level is more general

3 Very euphemistic requirements teacher to play you a skillful music, although teaching and playing is not a thing, but from the side to understand the teacher's situation;

3 Choice of Adult Piano Learning Courses

Basically, the domestic piano courses are as follows:

Junior: such as Bugmuir, Thompson, Little Sonata, Carney 139,849

such as "Baye," "CarNey 599," "Bach Junior", "Little Sonata Collection"

Such as "Bartok Universe", "Lemon", "Clark Piano Tutorial" and "Steel Base" of Chinese works and so on 3 categories

Intermediate are "Kesle Practice Song", "Klemon di Practice 29", "Kramo Practice Song", "Moskovski Practice Song", "Carney 740" "Bach Group", "Bach Average Law 1,2" and so on

4 What kind of piano do adults buy piano?

This problem I think according to their own economic situation to choose, the general choice of domestic 5 piano factory products, do not pay too much attention to the appearance of the piano, to know that the tone of the piano is more important than anything else, there is a sense of hand.

A good piano should be pure, very clear, no noise. The feel is soft, you can feel your fingers and keys are very fusion. Don't buy 2 accordions or refurbished pianos cheaply, basically the quality is not guaranteed. Adults learning piano also need to be particularly serious about buying piano.

Five Communication with the teacher

It is important that you know that adult learning piano is very targeted, your requirements directly affect the teacher's teaching, you must also know the teacher's teaching plan, for their own short-term and long-term plans must have a clear understanding.

Adults to learn piano actually do not need to worry about hesitation too much, if you like, then to learn it, happiness is the most important!

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