8 kinds of time-consuming piano practice, you know?

We communicated with our customers and found that many children are painful in practicing the piano.

On the one hand, the customer itself does not know how to teach the child to practice,

On the other hand, the child's attention is always unable to concentrate, and the process of practicing the piano is boring.

If you don't concentrate on practicing the piano, it is a waste of time and the practice is not good, which is a waste of your time.

Have you had these problems while practicing the piano?

1. While practicing the piano, you think about other things, your brain can’t keep up with your hands, and your hands can’t keep up with your brain, so you don’t know what you are doing.

2, practicing the piano has no goal, the teacher pointed out the shortcomings and mistakes did not think about correction, so you have not considered whether you are playing correctly.

3. When you practice the piano, you don't read the score, or even forget the position. You can't find which section to play in the spectrum. The more you play, the less confident you are.

4. When you play the piano, you have been practicing fast and not slow. In fact, I want to be slow in my heart. As a result, you can't control the faster and faster you play.

5, practicing the piano is not planned, this song feels too difficult, forget it, change a song, you did not practice a complete song throughout the piano time.

6. Always practice from start to finish. You always think that you can play well the next time, but you can't stick and play well.

7. Take a break after each practice. You will play with your mobile phone for a while, go to the toilet for a while, and watch the time while practicing. The time will soon pass.

8. When practicing the piano, there can be no sound around, but any sound can make your thoughts fly.

Use technology to solve these problems, use mobile phone software to play, use the roll up piano to record the music you played, and find out the shortcomings.

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