61 key professional silicone roll up keyboard piano

I can't afford a piano, but I hope your child can learn music. So we suggest you choose a folding piano keyboard. As the name suggests, this is a portable piano made of environmental friendly silica gel, with variants of keys 61 and 81, which emit different tones, sounds and rhythms. If you look on the Internet, there are many kinds of piano that can roll up the keyboard. It has many functions, such as recording music, replaying music, editing tones and transmitting any music works on a computer.

Don't you want to buy such a flexible rubber piano keyboard for yourself? Well, in order to give you a deeper understanding of this product, please pay attention to our Facebook

  • It provides 61 key standard roll up piano with 45 demonstration songs, 128 tones and 128 rhythms.

  • This is an easy to design music device, designed to stimulate children's musical creativity.

  • The keyboard is made of environmental friendly and soft silica gel, comfortable to use, easy to store in a small space, light weight and portable.

  • You can connect the keyboard to the computer through a MIDI cable to play or edit songs.

  • Use the power supply and 4 AA batteries.

  • We provide MIDI cable and 4 AA batteries with our products.

Everyone can use the full-featured roll up piano 88 key keyboard with a compact design, which can be comfortably loaded into a small backpack.

  • It can be used by people of any age who want to learn music.

  • Easy to use, it has 61 keys, including 80 demo songs, 100 rhythms and 128 tones.

  • With built-in speaker, MIDI output, easy connection to computer and volume control.

  • Small and compact, the 61 Keys Roll Up Piano works likes a real piano.

  • Can be run on batteries or USB, this piano is for children as well as an adult who are learning to play good music.

  • This keyboard comes with a built-in speaker, record function, playback option, volume control, echo/sustain and audio output.

  • Practice with demo songs and then make your own master piece anywhere with ours roll up piano.

The best piano with 61 practice keys. This silicone keyboard is the best gift for adults / children who want to learn the piano. It can support USB charging of lithium battery of mobile power supply. You can play music on speakers or headphones to avoid disturbing others. It also allows you to edit music at any time using the MIDI cable.

The light weight and ease of carrying are just a few of the features of this roll-up piano keyboard. The sound and work are exactly like a real piano, only this one is lighter and easier to use. Multiple interfaces and built-in speakers help beginners learn music.

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