17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano Solid Finger Piano

Ha, it's customized. The delivery is very fast. The next day it's ready for delivery! Very satisfied, very good timbre, especially like it! They also sent music scores, piano bags, etc. Wait until you learn how to play!

This thing is very good. The sound is clear. Customer service attitude is also very good, because I know that I may have no perseverance, and I will throw it away and discard it soon after playing, so I bought a simple play. Overall, I think it's very good. I can't let it go when I buy it. My roommates are also playing.

The thumb piano is very good. I was very interested in this kind of instrument before, and finally decided to buy one to play. I feel that the thumb piano is easy to use, easy to operate, and plays louder than I expected. The timbre is also good, because it is bought to play casually, so there is not much demand. The delivery speed and logistics speed of the store are also very fast, always Body satisfaction ~

Baby received, the quality of things is very good, carefully looked at the music score, ah ╯ system seems not very good to learn, must pay some effort, see their perseverance, as a leisure decompression tool, is a good choice, like, praise!

It's really affordable. I gave you a very thick score and a small bag at this price. The sound quality is very good. My colleagues and friends asked me for a link after reading it. The engraved pattern was also matched with may and praised

I like love very much. I love the third thumb lute. Last week, I bought two for my sister and one for my friend. This one is specially bought for me. There are bags, music, tutorials, teachers to guide me to play when I am free. I can place an order for my friend if I want

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