10 Secrets from pianist Dad

The father of the famous pianist Lang Lang. It's called "Lang Pa.". Born in Liaoning. After graduating from middle school, he worked in factories, acrobatic troupes and military literary troupes, and practiced Erhu performance hard. For Lang Lang's piano career resigned from public office, has been accompanied by Lang Lang's study, competition, tour at home and abroad. He played a crucial role in Lang Lang's becoming an international piano superstar.

1. We should cultivate the concentration of children. Some famous experts have said that "genius lies in concentration". In fact, playing the piano itself can help children focus.

2. We should develop children's memory. Through memorization, memory will continue to improve. When Lang Lang was a child, he had to memorize music. This is what Mr. Zhu and Mr. Zhao all required. In this process, memory is naturally strengthened. Lang Lang in the long-term training, naturally formed the extraordinary memory, became the living computer.

3. We should talk about efficiency. Don't finish what you can do in two minutes in two days. Because when you do two minutes in two days, most of the time your mind is blank, ineffective, and your mind is distracted, which is not necessarily better than what you do in two minutes. And two minutes to do, the concentration of all people's mind, is efficient, the effect will be better.

4. It's a race. Competition is the most dynamic, can inspire potential, and should have the spirit of competition.

5. Strengthen your training. Use all kinds of methods, material stimulation, military training, etc. to let children forget the negative feelings and fully devote themselves to this realm. It makes him feel that time passes quickly every day.

6. After the children go to school, they should communicate well with the head teacher. Let the teacher support you, encourage and support the children. The strength from the teacher will make the children more confident.

7. Let children love what they learn. First of all, you should love yourself, learn with your children, and become their learning partners. When practicing, I will always be around Lang Lang, and I will concentrate on it. We always study together how to fulfill the teacher's requirements and solve problems together. In this way, it's like having a partner with him. He can't be distracted. He's more interested and efficient than practicing piano alone.

8. It must be called child comparison, learning, catching up, helping and super. These four words are very serious to say, but they are very important elements of piano learning. Virtuous competition consciousness, mutual aid consciousness and learning desire are all good teachers and helpful friends in the process of piano learning.

9. Do not bring the parents' problems to the children, and try to give the children a pure space. The child is pure, so is his music. Adults should try to avoid children when talking, especially not to talk about topics that may have negative effects in front of children.

10. It is also important to cooperate with teachers and choose teachers. A good teacher can let children learn piano knowledge and walk a lot of detours at the same time. He also plays an important role in his life.

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