10 little things you need to know when learning piano


Who is the king of songs?

Schubert, Franz (Peter) of Austria is called the king of songs because he has more than 600 songs. The representative repertoire includes wild rose, devil king, etc., and the suite includes journey in winter, beautiful mill girl.


Who is the father of symphony?

"Father of symphony" refers to Haydn, Franz Joseph. Because people at that time always regarded the concert as a place to doze off, Haydn created a symphony of "astonishment" after a long period of tranquility, and he was also the father of quartet.


Who is the father of Concerto?

"Father of Concerto" is a representative of Vivaldi's repertoire "four seasons", which is known as "the priest with red hair".


Who is the father of music?

"The father of music" is Bach from a musical family.


Who is the musical prodigy?

"Musical prodigy" is Mozart who has been playing and creating since childhood.


Who is the father of drama?

"The father of the play" refers to the author of the play "Messiah", Handel's "Messiah" -- Hallelujah


Who is the "saint of music" in the history of music?

"Le Sheng" refers to Beethoven with hearing loss.


Who is the "piano poet"?

Chopin, the Polish composer, is regarded as the greatest composer of piano music, and is usually called "piano poet".


Who initiated the law of twelve averages?

The law of twelve averages in China was first established by Zhu Zaiyu in Ming Dynasty, and the law of twelve averages in the west by Bach in Germany.


Who is 3B (4b) in the history of music?

Brahms, Baja, and Beethoven are called 3B in the history of music. If 4b, we need to add Bartok

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